RPG Tycoon: Supply & Demand Expansion

RPG Tycoon: Supply & Demand Expansion – Coming 18th November The first expansion pack for RPG Tycoon introduces brand new ways to play the game and further expands the management involved in running a successful Kingdom. With the introduction of resources, the Supply and Demand expansion for RPG Tycoon brings a new level of management…

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Living The Deal Announced

Hello! I’m extremely happy to announce Living the Deal, the next game from Skatanic Studios! Living the Deal is a business management life-sim. It’s a cross between Monopoly and The Sims with a twist of Wolf of Wall Street. Living the Deal is about managing your day-to-day life whilst also attempting to become a trading magnate….

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Fixing the Wait Continue Phase Bug in Dialoguer

I’ve been working with a plug-in from the Asset Store created by Tony Coculuzzi (@TonyCoculuzzi) lead developer on Cuphead, called Dialoguer. It’s a simple and flexible dialogue plug-in recommended to me by a few colleagues, and for the most part I’ve really enjoyed using it.    But there’s a problem with it… The tool allows the game…

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