Living The Deal – Development Update 02


Hello all,

I recorded our first development video last night. It was quick, and recorded without my usual microphone but it was mainly to give an opening preview of the game and talk about the demo we’re taking to Rezzed. If you’d like to see the game, but can’t make it, feel free to check out the video, otherwise, the details of what’s been happening this week are below.

This week has mainly been working on implementation for the demo of the game. So I’ve been working through and streamlining the dialogue/tutorial sections of the game, doing various changes to balance and making sure that the player can actually finish the demo.

I’ve also been going through and replacing some of the placeholder function buildings with some lovely new assets from our artist Wayne. Right now there are only two or three variations of placeholder buildings currently in the game. In the future, we’ll be replacing most of these with a variety of building styles and sizes. For now though, for the demo, I wanted to prioritise the functional buildings. These are the ones that players can directly interact with and visit. So it’s important that they’re visually representative of their function. Previously we had office buildings or small block cafe’s representing the Library, or School etc. So by focusing on this first, it makes the map a lot faster to read, and locations a lot easier to identify.

Similarly, I’ve tackled some lighting and camera tasks this week. The result of which means the camera is much more responsive and natural, but also shadows are now working properly! Which means that the night-time phase of the game looks much, much better. Eventually, we’ll have windows, signs on buildings and billboards all emitting light during the evening. Doing so, should make the city feel much more alive.

That’s pretty much it this week. There’s been a lot of smaller, under-the-hood work, for the demo. Small tasks here and there to make sure that the game hopefully doesn’t break as soon as anyone touches it.

I’m really looking forward to showing people the game for the first time. Hopefully, we’ll get some good feedback at the show to help us move forward.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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