Video Update 02 – Living The Deal – Development Update 08


This is the first (of hopefully many) development update videos on Living The Deal.

Okay, so technically it’s the second but the first video I made months ago was a demo of the prototype we took to Rezzed. This version is representative of what the final game should look and feel like, so I’m considering it the true FIRST update. – Okay?

Anyway, in this video you get to see my lovely face chat about Living The Deal for a bit, explaining some of the game and where we’re currently at with it. Showing off what the game looks like now, with its fresh lick of paint, and talking through some of the design ideas we have for the game.

So if that sounds like something you’re super into, definitely give the video a watch and subscribe to the channel!

This is a slightly improved version of the demo build we took to Insomnia last weekend. It has some features we’ve wanted to add/change ready for EGX in a few weeks time. (If you’re going, be sure to come and say hi!)

There’s still a few things we want to do to the game ready for the show. I’m sure I’ll post some updates on the Patreon page.

 (These development videos will always be public, but patrons will get access to smaller development updates)

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