Modding RPG Tycoon: Buildings & Decorations


  (Download Tutorial Files)

  In the video above I explain in just 27 minutes how building sprites are processed in RPG Tycoon, the naming conventions that the sprites will need and how easily you can get your own designs implemented with just some simple XML editing. (It follows on from elements mentioned in the previous tutorial, which I also recommend you watching.)

  At the end of the video you should easily be able to get your own work into the game and start creating your very own custom content.

  Want a new roof for all the buildings? New designs for all of the decorations? Want to change all the colours of the designs? Or if you’re more advanced want to render everything as a 3D model and bake them in a pre-rendered sprites back into the game? – Well, maybe not that because that’s a serious amount of work, but what I’m stressing is that it is seriously as simple as telling the game to load a few tiled sprites.

 Hope this is something a few of you are interested in and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with. I plan on adding full workshop support in the future,(if it’s at all possible, I don’t know yet) but it should be simple enough to implement these elements as standalone while I continue work on polishing the game. 

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