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Alpha 9 introduced moddable data into the game allowing anyone with some basic knowledge of XML to be able to edit game data and mod the game. In the video above, I walk you through accessing and editing the data files in order to add your own Quest Events into the game. I also show off some of the other areas of the game that can be edited should you wish to explore those further.
It’s about 25 minutes in length and at the end of it you should be able to easily add your own Quests into the game.

  Accessing Data Files on Mac


Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 16.28.15


 Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 16.28.38


If you’re using a Mac you can find the data files in a few easy steps. Just find wherever it is you have RPG Tycoon installed. Right click on the application. Select “Show Package Contents” then navigate to the “Resources” folder, here you’ll find the “Data” folder and XML files mentioned in the video.

Preview Code

Here’s the event added in the tutorial above. If you want to try it yourself, to add it into your game copy the code below into the questEvent.xml file and paste it above the </data> tag.

<event title = "The Only Way Is Up" description="Your heroes have encountered a giant wall, it seems to go for miles in both directions with no visible entrance. It looks like some of the stone bricks in the wall are slightly dislodged all the way up." >
<option title="Climb the Wall" stat="STAT_STRENGTH" trait="NONE" positive="Your heroes successfully clamber up the stone structure and manage to also make their way back down the other side. They've significantly reduced their journey time, though they could probably use a few minutes to catch their breath before carrying on." negative = "Your heroes attempt to scale the wall but those loose bricks were much weaker than anticipated and your Heroes are halfway up the wall then grabbing a brick, it manages to slide straight out causing your Heroes to fall in a domino effect face first towards the ground... Ouch." reward="REWARD_EXPERIENCE" />
<option title="Find Another Way" stat="STAT_LOGIC" trait="NONE" positive="Your Heroes decide scaling the wall to be a foolish decision and attempt to find another way past it instead. Fortunately, after backtracking a few miles they find a journeyman, who mentions that there is a single road that passes through the wall and he happens to be going that way. He offers them a ride in his card." negative = "Your Heroes walk for miles trying to find another route, however it seems that there is no way around it. If they really need to get past the wall (which they do) their only choice is to scale it. This was a complete waste of time, and energy." reward="REWARD_CONDITION" />



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