RPG Tycoon Updated to 1.3.5 – Cloud Saves!


Hello everyone,

I’ve just pushed an update to the Steam build of the game that addresses a number of issues and bugs discovered by the community. I’ve also spent some time uniforming the UI and cleaning up a few menu’s, making them easier and less frustrating to navigate.

Additionally the major feature this update brings is the support for Hero Residence Relocation, in other words, you can now relocate your heroes home without having to delete them or fire them or similar workarounds. If you wish to change a Hero’s abode, simply select them in the Hero View and click the “Move” button and select an empty house. Similarly, if you have multiple empty homes when hiring a new hero, you can choose where to house them before they join you.

I’m also pleased to announce that Cloud Saves are now functional for RPG Tycoon and support cross-platform play. So if you’re like me and have a Mac Laptop and a Windows Desktop or vice-versa and wish to play your Kingdom saves, you now can!

There’s no update video this time I’m afraid as the patch is mostly bug fixes, optimisations and UI tweaks. For a full list of changes check the notes below.


Patch Notes

  • Added Cross-Platform Cloud Save support
  • Hero’s homes can now be relocated to an empty home
  • Improved window-locking for various UI overlays
  • Improved uniformed menu design.
  • Added a Queue System to achievement boxes
  • Optimised Menu Windows in a manager system to allow for better stacking of windows.
  • Optimised Draw calls on Inventory List sorting buttons
  • Optimised Draw calls when hiring a hero.
  • UI shortcuts now locks when console is active.
  • UI shortcuts now lock if the menu isn’t unlocked yet.
  • Player now returns to the correct panel area when using the Inventory Menu
  • Players can no longer access menus if there are no heroes available or buildings to upgrade
  • Window now correctly crops on screen resizing.
  • Fixed null reference bug on next button when closing the Quest Menu
  • Fixed a bug with the back arrow on the character screen after various repetitions.
  • Fixed a bug forcing Quick Quest data to reset on load.
  • Fixed a string bug in Stats Menu
  • Fixed a bug forcing item descriptions to disappear on load.
  • Competition Plaza is no longer considered a store.
  • Fixed a bug resetting the UI Buttons if a Small Quarters wasn’t in the kingdom.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the School Menu to be accessible when in progress.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to remain paused after the Store Levelling Tip Box Message
  • Fixed a null reference error on Building Grid.
  • Fixed a null reference error with building generation after exiting a save.
  • Fixed an issue where players could still access a Hero in various menu’s after being fired.
  • Fixed a mouse block alignment issue for the Overlay and Centre Camera buttons.
  • Fixed a bug causing pay increase buttons to break if a heroes base pay was below 10g
  • Fixed a bug where difficulty was not being registered after completing a loaded session.
  • Various minor bug fixes and optimisation improvements.

It’s worth mentioning that we’re working on some new content both as a free update to the game and a DLC expansion that’s going to drastically change the way the game is played  in the coming months.

As always thanks to all of you for purchasing and supporting RPG Tycoon, it still means so much to us, I’m excited to show you what we’re working on shortly. Be sure to follow the blog or join the mailing list if you wish to find out more.

All the best,


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