RPG Tycoon Updated to 1.4 – Supply & Demand DLC Released!



RPG Tycoon’s first DLC, Supply & Demand, has just released on top of the version 1.4 update.  Supply and Demand brings a series of new features to the game including Resource Management, Loans and a brand new scenario mode with 10 unique scenarios!

All across the land societies have gotten lazy and economies have formed, no longer will measly gold be enough to manipulate and encourage your people. Resources are now the integral component to a healthy kingdom economy.

Source, spend and trade resources with competing kingdoms to survive. Manage key components of your economy and make sure you’re producing enough food and materials for your kingdom to function effectively!

For more information about the DLC and to see the new features in action you can check out the two feature preview videos below.

Supply and Demand Preview Videos

RPG Tycoon 1.4

During development of the DLC I wanted to address a number of features that could do with improving in the base game and a series of adjustments that I needed to make for the DLC to function properly. After making these changes, I now consider them integral to the overall experience of the game and felt it was important for all players to receive these new core features.

Most notably, the way that Adventurers interact with your Kingdom has now changed. They’re more demanding and will now queue for each building. Keep on top of the queue times and make sure to have enough buildings to meet the needs of the people. Nobody likes queuing for long, and adventurers happiness levels when leaving the kingdom, directly affects your settlements.

Heroes can now train without a facility using the improved Training Menu. Place training facilities in your kingdom to improve the options and styles of training available, and hover over tiles to get a preview of the effects each training option will have on your heroes.

Kingdom levelling is now manually activated. You will be unable to grow your kingdom until you meet both the follower requirement and gold requirement (resources will also be required for SpDm Players).

Up until now, the only downside to having an unhappy kingdom was a minor shift in stock prices and rewards. The 1.4 update introduces a more balanced challenge to managing happiness. Happy adventurers shopping in your kingdom will keep your settlements happy, just be sure to keep your overall kingdom in a good mood or face a total revolution from the people in your land.

Finally there’s a number of optimisations and improvements I’ve made to the base code. I’ve also cleaned up various areas of the UI.

Update Notes

New Features

  • Adjusted Character Movement AI
  • Added Store Queue System
  • Added New Store Type: Work
  • Updated Hero Training Menu
  • Heroes can now train without a training building in the Kingdom
  • Hero Recovery and Training is now saved
  • Added new Kingdom Levelling requirement system
  • Added DLC Icon to Main Screen
  • Redesigned store upgrade menu interface
  • Added separate messages for each recovery type to clearly identify what a Hero is doing
  • Great Hall is now Hero Mansion Facility
  • Functional Building levels now affect recovery time. (Eg. Raised Quarters faster than Hero Quarters)
  • Updated Help Menu
  • Added Sort Function for Saves
  • Added preview info for building upgrades into a tile in the inventory menu


  • Lowered and Adjusted Kingdom Level Requirements
  • Adjusted Building Balances across all Buildings
  • Characters now walk slower on grass.
  • Characters now walk faster on paths.
  • Adjusted Kingdom Happiness Balance Calculations
  • Increase number of maximum adventurers per Kingdom Level

Bug Fixes/Optimisations

  • Fixed a tile pooling bug on loading.
  • Fixed a bug with Hero icons not refreshing after interacting with a settlement.
  • Fixed Vase and Carpet inventory items not being consumed after use
  • Fixed a null reference error when sending a hero to recover from the fatigue button inside the Hero Menu
  • Fixed a null reference error when sending a hero to heal from the heal button inside the Hero Menu.
  • Fixed date display in Save Manager
  • Optimised disposing of sprite instances.
  • Optimised screen-shotting on autosave.
  • Optimised Text Float System
  • Various other minor bug fixes and optimisations

Your feedback has always been really important, so if you have any issues or any questions about the DLC or feedback about the new changes to the game. Head over to the discussions sections on the Steam Forums.

As always, it’s worth starting a new save-game with this update or with the DLC. Old saves are supported, but may invoke conflicts so it’s not recommended.

Thanks for all of your support.



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